Advertisers can expect to reach a wide variety of people who are living and visiting in Central Oregon. Whether these people are looking to plan a date or need to find a restaurant on short notice, we show them where they can find an exciting and quality dining experience.

Today’s leading advertisers understand why this type of direct niche marketing is so powerful. Our guide is highly targeted, widely distributed and they reach the people who are most likely to become their best customers.

Our beautifully designed guide features a sleek design, glossy, high quality paper stock, photo quality color and appeals to all audiences.

The Central Oregon Dining Guide is very cost effective. Restaurants can have a full page review printed in the dining guide for less than $0.03 per piece, which includes a dedicated webpage and a 360˚ virtual tour on

We offer both a high quality online and mobile guide with top search engine ranking that drives new emerging customer segments that don’t bother with things like phone books.

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